Wednesday 14 March 2012

Big Muff clone completed

I've finished my clone of the well-known Big Muff distortion pedal. I painted it with some grey primer and then with a design of Cardiff Bay as I have a vague notion of making myself a range of Cardiff-themed effect pedals. Total cost in parts was around £16-17 and a lot of that is because I bought the extortionately expensive switch from Maplin instead of pretty much anywhere else.

It sounds quite a lot like the original as far as I can tell. It is REALLY LOUD, and is unfortunately not very useful for playing in our apartment as I get the feeling I must be annoying the hell out of the neighbours, even at low volumes.

Next up will be a Small Clone clone. A clone2 I guess. It's a chorus pedal that was used by Kurt Cobain on Nevermind apparently. I've ordered up the parts from far-flung ebay sellers across East Asia, so they'll take at least a couple of weeks to get here, which gives me plenty of time to change my mind and start and abandon another several projects.


  1. Nice work, Peter. I've got an actual E-Harmonix Big Muff Pi (the Russian one) and Small Clone, so I'll be interested in your results. Small Clone is indeed Kurt Cobain's chorus of choice - it's the one you hear on "Come As You Are". He also apparently augmented his usual Boss DS-1 distortion with a Big Muff for "Lithium".

    Billy Corgan (who I recall you being a big fan of back at school) was a big fan of the Big Muff back in the day, but it was a pretty popular pedal in the 90s generally.

  2. Hey! Sorry I didn't see your comment - Blogger wasn't sending me notifications.

    Yeah, the main reason I made a Big Muff was because of the Pumpkins connection. I'd build a Mutron Biphase too if I had the time/skill/money.

    Thanks for dropping by - will definitely let you know how the Small Clone goes.